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Hi did any of you work at the paintworks early 70s
I hope you don't mind, but I moved this topic to workmates...

I think this is the first mention of Leyland Paints here, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who remember it.
Re leyland paints...My father , Roland Lewis, was at the firm from the start. He ran the decorating departmrnt until he retired in the 1970s. It once was called Leyland Paint and Varnish. When they bliled the linseed oil to make the varnish, you could smell it all over the town. Almost as pervasive as the gas works on chapel brow.

Originally posted by jackal

When they bliled the linseed oil to make the varnish, you could smell it all over the town. Almost as pervasive as the gas works on chapel brow.

Which, oddly enough has been replaced by Macdonalds!
My father worked there until the mid seventies.
I remember Jack Trafford, came back from the war after being a "Guest" of the Japanese for some years. He was a physical wreck due to his treatment, he joined in 1939 as a P.T.Instructor in the R.A.F. After his time in the Far East all he could do was stack empty paint cans, anything else was too much.Cheerio, Bill. I agree that the Paint Works reeked all over Leyland when they were boiling Varnish, Cheers again, Bill.
Re Leyland Paint and Varnish. Does anyone recall Arthur True, don't know what he did there, but he was a brilliant Organist, he played at Lune St. Methodist's and the white church at Fairhaven, he also played organ on the BBC. Arthur( who lived in Ribbleton), once attempted to teach me on the Lune St. organ. This magnificent "King of Instruments" was electro pneumatic, the response time of several seconds between keyboard and pipe made things interesting !
Al Marsden
Burlington Ontario
Re Leyland paints,i worked at brook mill in 1985 after leaving school,they had a trade shop there,also the wallpaper patterns books where made there too,the main factory was up northgate,the company was bought out by Leslie Silver(silver paints and laquer)Kalon Group from Leeds,he kept the Leyland name on some products,but took some off and made the names into stores own brand names ie:b+q,homebase ect so reducing the amount of products made by the Leyland name itself,they still make a few products with the Leyland name on but no where near as many as was made formally,when they closed Paints they put approx 500 people out of work,bang went another good era for the town.
Martin how long u been out of leyland? Mac donalds is where the old gaw works used to be your getting home sick ,lol,top of northgate where paints used to be is now a new housing estate Smile
I think my sense of humour is lost on this forum [:o)]
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