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Full Version: Leyland Town Centre Masterplan
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You can read the Masterplan below and you can also access a hard copy at the Civic Centre in Leyland.

South Ribble Borough Council - Leyland Town Centre Masterplan

Masterplan Documents

Executive Summary
Section 1-Introduction
Section 2-Challenges and Opportunities
Section 3-Consultation
Section 4-Strategic Vision
Section 5-Options Assessment
Section 6-The Masterplan
Section 7- Development Principles
Section 8-Transport Framework
Section 9-Transformational Projects
Section 10-Making it Happen

You can address any queries you have regarding the masterplan to the Regeneration Unit on 01772 625400 or email econdevt@southribble.gov.uk
Just announced a £3million renovation revolving around the old railway station office . Rather than writing it out on this cumbersome tablet, details here. http://www.lep.co.uk/news/exciting-new-3...-1-8462276
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