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Full Version: Balshaw's Grammar School
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Would that be keith Smith and Pat Leach? I remember Pat starting ,she was like a frightened rabbit and couldn't control a class at all,poor thing.her life must have been hell at first till she settled down.

Yes it was. I was never taught by either of them. Are they still there?

Pat Leach only taught for a couple of years .
I guess the last few posts should be moved to the Balshaw's thread, Martin. They really don't apply to Wellfield.

I met P.M.L. again not too long ago.
We were in the same classes throughout our years at Balshaws.
Teaching is not for everyone and I think it takes about two to three years to make up your mind whether you can hang in there or not, provided you can develop the neccessary thick hide to carry on of course.
I am not in favour of Gordon Brown's latest rant to force young people to say at school till 18. Bad news I think for many students with a more practical bent.
There is too much compulsion and bullying tactics altogether in this country in my view. It will be interesting to see what becomes of that proposal.
I think I was in the first year at Balshaws 1957 when Pat leach taught us science. I enjoyed her lessons. If I remember correctly Keith Smith played rugby for Preston Grasshoppers.
Regards to everyone, Brian
I think you got the dates right, Brian. I gave up on Lower Sixth and left in April 58 and they started that previous autumn term, I think.

Frank Damp
Brian was there from 57 like me. I left in 64, can't remember if Brian stayed on in the 6th form. I thought PL wasn't cut out for teaching. There again neither was little Bill nor Bennison.
Pat Leach must have taught a few more years than two. She was still there when I was at Balshaw's (1961-8) and taught science to the lower school. She finally packed it in when the teaching unions started a policy of not working with non-graduate teachers (she'd never got a degree, I believe because of having to leave university to look after her dying mother. Rumour had it that the 1950s headmaster, Vic Oldland,< had taken her on because he had a soft spot for her as an ex-headgirl. She was always pleasant and covered the basics of physics, chemistry and biology competently.

Last time I saw her it was on a bus back from Preston (about 1975-6) and she was working in the county high sherriff's office.
Has anyone a picture of Balshaws G.S. pupils taken between 1951-1955?
The pics on their web-site dont have one for that period.
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