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Full Version: Photo posting - try again!
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I don't know what's screwing up my posts. These two photos are straight from my published family website, using the properties of each as recorded from the site.

[Image: 157OysterRun.JPG.w300h200]

[Image: Visitingdeer.JPG.w300h450.jpg]

This is getting stranger by the minute. Two identities absolutely identical except for the actual image name - one posted, the other didn't. Is the fact that I started the Oyster run photo name with a number significant?
Frank, if you re-examine and compare the two IMG codes ([img] ....... [/img]) you WILL find something wrong and preventing an image opening. A simple `.` or a wrong space is all you need to foul it up.

By the way, the photo that DID appear was superb.
Was it a tame one or just unaware of your presence?
[Image: 157OysterRun.JPG.w300h200.jpg]

You missed .jpg off the end

Thanks, Martin - so simple. I guess the i/d is such a long string, I didn't notice when it was missing.

The deer was completely unruffled, even though I used flash and both our Labradors were at the window, barking. We have quite a lot of "urbanised" wildlife that don't seem bothered by human proximity. We get bothered by a few of them, particularly the raccoons and the coyotes. People lose cats and small dogs fairly often. I saw a coyote strolling down our street in brad daylight just a few days ago.

A few weeks back, I was walking the few blocks to the bus stop around 7:30am. There was a doe with two fawns in next-door's front garden The escorted me all the way, Momma walking in front and the two "kids" walking either side of me.

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