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On Wednesday 14th April the forum will be 8 years old.

Who'da thought it? [Wink]

I suggest we all raise a glass in celebration wherever we are in the world on that day.

I might start now [}Smile]

By the way, I'm thinking of ways to celebrate 10 years if I make it that far! Suggestions please.
Well you can start here at New Zealand and I will show you around the 64 wineries we have here in beautiful Marlborough. After youv'e sobered up!!!! you could pop over to the Us and Canada and see them lot there, then over to France for a quick tour of Caroline's art gallery- that is if she hasn't moved back to Leyland by then. Happy travelling Martin. Start saving your pennies now. ha
I should be up in the wilds of Northumbria next Wedneday, so I shall certainly raise my glass (and whatever it contains) to the Forum!
How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. [Tongue]
Congratulations Martin. I never would have thought we'd still be here 8 years on.

14th April I'll drink to that.
On the 14th:-


and for our 10th:-

Us 3 Western North Americans:-

Frank, Bryan and I
will be thrilled to entertain you in 'The Wild West'[Big Grin][8D]

Then you can take the train over to the East Coast
to party with Alan and Avril et al
then down to see John ...you might get to see a space craft!

Sandra has good ideas eh!
I wonder if we could get sponsorship for that trip! [8D]
Congratulations to everyone and especially Martin for keeping the Leyland Forum alive and well despite one or two trials and tribulations along the way. It has been like a fascinating journey for me.
Regards to all,
MARTIN- Sandra & Karen's idea for the tenth anniversary sounds plausible , I'm sure that we can arrange something if the idea appeals to you !
2012 is our Golden wedding year, no doubt some extravagant celebration will be expected, this could be incorporated , the wineries of Niagara & Southern Ontario could be sampled !

Lots of things seem to be happening in 2012

Greenwich will become The Royal Borough of Greenwich
The Olympics will be in our back yard
Leyland Forum will be 10 years old

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