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Just have a quick question. When we post on the Leyland Forum does it now get posted on Twitter. I noticed that when I pressed the 't' logo it took me to twitter and I saw the Leyland Forum posted.
Yes it does Avril. I must admit that I hadn`t looked until you mentioned it. Is it a good or a bad thing, do you think? I personally have always avoided face-book and twitter etc.
Me too, Jim. I don't want to be considered a "Twit". I would much prefer the link to be severed.

I found this conversation because it was posted on Twitter, I clicked the link and it brought me straight here, if it brings visitors to the forum then it has to be a good thing.
The forum does link to Twitter Avril, a lot of websites are doing it now to bring in more visitors like David said.
Jim in answer to your question I am not sure how I feel. I think that I might be a little more apprehensive about what I write in future. There are people I would rather not come into contact with. Meeting face to face you can decide whether you want to speak to a person or not but the internet is so impersonal you have no idea who is reading or replying to you.
I DO NOT want to appear on either Twitter or Facebook. Is there a way of ensuring that my postings don't get on either one? If not, I'll be resigning from this Forum.

Maybe we should have a poll of registered members to see if those links are acceptable to a majority. I'm disappointed that members weren't asked before the links were activated nor told that they would be.

The content of this site is in the public domain, just like the links on twitter. Anyone in the world who has an internet connection can read what is written on this forum, whether it is directly from this site, on google, twitter or another content gathering website.

The posts on this forum probably appear on dozens of other websites and the only way to stop it being so public would be to make this forum totally private which would spell the end of the site altogether.
Yes, Martin, I agree that the Forum is in the public domain. It is however, by its name and style seen to be specific to Leyland and would probably not interest people that didn't have a connection with the town or surrounding area.

Twitter and Facebook are not subject/style specific and attract a lot of scammers, perverts and other undesirables. I personally don't want ANYTHING to do with either one. If the moderators can't, or prefer not to, cease cross postings from this forum to those two entities, I'm out of here.

As Martin correctly pointed out, anybody with an internet connection can access this forum. As Frank (also correctly) said, people who did access the forum (pre-Twitter) usually had a Leyland based reason for doing so.
As I said earlier, I`ve never had any leanings towards Twitter, Face book etc. and I have to admit to a feeling of unease in seeing my own postings broadcast so widely.
Suddenly there is no longer a feeling of a close knit community and that doesn`t sit comfortably with me.
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