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funny how the leyland forum came to my notice, I put a serch in for parched peas recipe and found this web site would welcome news from any one who remembers Dave Harrison School Of Motoring. Gill and I Retired 5 years ago to Crete Greece and now live a differnt life in the sun, thanks to Martin for fixing my logon errors, looking forward to using the site and keeping in touch with leyland. yia sou everyone.
Hi Dave, glad you made it.
Welcome David. Which part of Crete are you living in?
Welcome Dave ... enjoy the Forum.
we live western Crete, Kolimbari near to Chania, the best olives in the world, a tiny place called Darmarohori the farming area of Chania we farm some 39 trees, a far cry from Driving Instruction. we have 2000 sqr mtrs of land, growing oranges and other fuits.
Anyone interested in living in Crete feel free to make enquiries, we have 4 and a half years of knowledge to help inerested people, health, cost of living, housing. etc etc,
I've holidayed quite a bit in Crete Dave, but mainly in the east. Gouves was the first place then we had several years at Sissi before trying a small place whose name I cannot recall at the moment. Old age!! I've heard reports that have put me off returning, that Crete has become like most of Greece, expensive. Is there any truth in that? I'm thinking tourist Crete obviously, Taverna prices, spirits etc.
If you come to western crete the cost is lower than rethimno heraklion or ag nick areas ,but local wine,krasi, and local spirit raki etc are still very cheap, we get 20 ltrs of red or white for around 21 euros , we still get friends from leyland preston area coming for 2 week hols regularly, cost of meals vary according to the taverna but we can recommend some localy who`s prices are around the 25 to 30 euros for two people inc wine and free raki, Chania city is expensive but still if you shop around a good meal can be got, watch where the greeks eat, they won`t pay top money, Tamam a turkish taverna in the side streets does a roaring trade with Cretans allyear long, to name but one, any more info feel free to ask. if you are retired and can come any time early year you can get good bargains all inclusive at the lois crete, malame, Platanias is expensive to eat out, but as I say, ask and we will help if we can.
I took some lessons with you I seem to think it was a Corolla ?
Hello and welcome, Dave!
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