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I got the basic Kindle for Christmas and am wading through the cheap books at the moment. I found an interesting title "Is "peckerhead" hyphenated? The story of the International Space Station".

I'm pondering whether to buy it.

I am a bit disappointed that so many of the authors I want to read are $8 or more each. That can get expensive real quick! I was expecting them to be like iTunes.

Unfortunately, funding problems with city services means the local library is cutting its new book purcahsing to a very low level, so it might be a while before they show up there.

Decisions, decisions!


Frank, there are plenty of free books for the Kindle. Try ManyBooks.net i.ll post another when I get to my pc.
Over 33,000 free ebooks for your PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android or other portable device.

Project Gutenberg
Thanks, Martin. I've been to Project Gutenberg and several other "Free books for Kindle" and have downloaded several.

I keep searching regularly to see if books by the authors I read most often show up for less than $3, but I haven't seen any of them for less than $8.

We got son a Kindle for Christmas and he's been glued to it, but so far only what's available for free. It will be a real boon to him in Japan - books in English are not readily available to him and they're heavy to post out.
Apparently you can loan books on the kindle. This might see a number of ebook clubs springing up on the internet.
Transferring between users would be a good way of reducing the cost impact. I rarely read a book more than once, which is why I'm a frequent flier at our local library. If I could swap Kindle books with like-minded readers, it would be great. I went through all the authors I read and got the kindle price on each book from them that's in the Kindle store that I haven't read.

To get them all would be over $700! None of those authors are on Gutenberg or Manybooks.net, or in the Kindle freebies. I would guess that 99% of what's on the free sites is stuff I'm not very interested in. I've downloaded the works of Conan Doyle and a few biographies from the free or 99-cent lists.

Overall, Kindle has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting a book version of the I-pod, with everything at $1 a pop, not something I was going to have to spend big money on. It must be a real cash cow for Amazon.

I don't think I'll be abandoning the local library.

Interesting Frank.
I was thinking of buying one but it seems the cost of additions outweighs the benefits from what you write.
I must check further, Pratchett books for example, I have most of them in hardback but I can't really take hardbacks on holiday to read by the pool/beach
The price of new books is always an issue with book readers. The same goes for the iPad which I don't think will be any cheaper and it isn't really an ebook reader. I think the Kindle would be a good investment for many businesses to put their documents on.

Noel I've read a few Pratchett books in paper editions, but will try and get the rest in ebook format.

As with all new media formats the pirates are not far away. You can get copies of popular books free if you know where to look.
Son has been very happy so far with the books which are available free, but then he's happy to settle down with Darwin's Origin of Species and other 19th century books out of copyright. For books whose author is still alive, bear in mind that royalties have to be paid, whether it's a Kindle version or paper. Also it's still fairly new kit - like with anything else, the price of both the hardware and the software will come down over time.
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