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Full Version: books on Crete
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3 good books on living in Greece,"It`s all Greek to me!", By John Mole and "Talking to Zeus"by Jane Shaw,Blue Skys & Black Olives by John Humphrys and his son Christopher,all very informative and true to life, life here is what you make it, we enjoy it but it`s not for everybody.[Big Grin]
I had quite a few holidays on Crete and in my short time I saw big expansions to accomodate the tourist industry in the north east where we usually stayed. Kata Gouves when we first stayed was a small quiet resort but a few years later it was a busy resort, likewise Stalida, Malia Sitia and even Sisi. We visited the Temple of Knossos and it was so touristy I wish we hadn't bothered, stalls selling burgers and ice cream, massive queues to get in. Where is the true Crete Dave? The one where the locals live.
In short Noel, where we are Kolimbari northwestern crete,and some of the smaller islands, also get up into the mountain regions of Crete in a hire car, not on the main bus routes, as a tourist it is hard to immerse yourself into village life in just a few weeks holiday, read the books I suggested, it will explain more about the real Greece.I agree about Knossos being touristy, Phaestos is a far better visit and on the island of Kos the Escaplion where Hypocrates the father of medicine practised is a wonderfully peaceful place. here tourism is knocking on the door but seek futher west and it`s original village life,similar to Muchhoole and Croston etc as I remember them in Lancashire.
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