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Full Version: Decline of British Motor Manufacturing:1970 - 1990
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Hello Everyone,
I am a post-graduate student at The University of Wales, currently researching into the Decline of The British Motor Manufacturing Industry and its impact on the British Work Force between 1970 and 1990. Companies that went into decline include British Leyland, BMC, Nuffield, Austin, Rootes,etc...

So far I have read several books on the topic but it would be of great help, if I could hear from people who are familiar with the industry during that period.

It will be most helpful if anyone who is conversant with it can spare the time to kindly answer a brief questionnaire on the topic and/or forward it to AS MANY PEOPLE (WHO MAY BE AWARE OF THE TOPIC) AS POSSIBLE

Please find below, the link to the online survey for the research.

The Topic: The impact of the Decline of the British Motor Manufacturing Industry on Labour Employment Market between 1970 an 1990.

The Link: http://www.stellarsurvey.com/s.aspx?u=2A...387F251D6&

Please if anyone has information that may be of use to this research, please kindly reply to this post.

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