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Hello All
New member, so I might be missing it somewhere else but why does'nt the forum have a photo library?
What sort of photo library? Do you mean members photos?
Yes maybe but thinking more old school class pics?
We used to have a lot of school photos on here. I have been working on moving the forum to a new platform but I've been sidetracked and not had a chance to finish the work. It's something that I will look into when I get a chance.
I've always found it a bit of a faff to upload images here, compared to other websites, so it's put me off a bit..
Love your work Caroline, never get tired of looking at it and trying very hard to get my standard up, i keep your web site close so I dont lose it, it inspires me in my retirement here on Crete.
If I can work out how to convert the last forum database table then we can have a new forum with photo upload capability. Don't hold you breath though, it won't be soon.
Dave, thank you- I too keep links to favourite artists to help and inspire. A lot of it's practise,of course, drawing every day...
Martin, that would be 'gradely' !
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