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Full Version: Support Bus Station fight
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If you want to support the fight to retain Preston Bus station you can buy a T shirt to show your support.

Is there a website for the Bus Station campaign?
I'm not sure, don't think so.
For goodness' sake get the bloody thing demolished. With the concrete cancer it has, it will fall down of its own weight in about 10 years. Time to move on and replace it with something less grandiose and more functional.

As a former transit driver, I cringe at the idea of a one-person crew bus EVER backing up. My agency absolutely forbade the manouver, except in the most dire situations and then only with careful coordination with dispatch. In 30 months driving, I only had to back up once, when a concrete truck delivering to a new house site blocked the road and would have delayed me by 20 minutes. I had to get two of my passengers to stand guard while I backed up. I only had three, so it was fortunate my load factor was high enough!

The bus station we operated from had platforms that allowed the bus to approach at about a 30-degree angle to where the passengers would board and stop with enough room to exit forwards. We had a platform set-up with 12 stations for coaches (6 on each side) and scheduling allowed for buses coming in and departing at relatively short on-platform times. It takes a bit of organisation, but it's definitely feasible.

Within the exisiting area, the Preston station could have three or four "herringbone' platforms like we have, each with 10 slots on each side. With either pedestrian bridges or light-controlled crossings, the station could handle the same amount of traffic as the present mess and not endanger anyone - no backing!.

The only way the present station configuration could be made safe is for every reversing bus to have a "spotter" guiding the bus and keeping the idiot pedestrians away. The "clippies" used to do that, but they went the way of the dinosaurs.

Based on my observations last time I was there, the biggest problem with the station is the urine-soaked, druggie populated, potentially dangerous pedestrian tunnels. I sure wouldn't want to go down there at any time of day, let alone at night. That's why people disregard the rules and walk on the apron. Getting hit by a reversing bus is preferable to getting mugged in the tunnels.

Total re-design and rebuild is the only way to go, IMO. If the powers that be want to keep the parking garage, they need to address the "concrete cancer" issue, otherwise the whole thing will fall down. With some creative civil engineering design gurus, it should be possible to build a safe (for both pedestrians and bus operators) station that would be a credit to the community.

The council already owns the property - why not try a modern, safe design on that acreage?

Yeah, I'm 5000 miles away, what do I care? I care about the utility of a bus station for my former neighbors and their offspring. Having a place that is obnoxious to the public and dangerous for the coach operators is NOT a good thing. It wouldn't be a mammoth undertaking to make the place safer for everyone.

I don't agree at all. I think it should be kept and sorted out. The side facing the Arcade should be turned into shops and the open space landscaped a little. This would be a useful space for rallies and the like, as it was used for the Preston Passion staged on there last year. While that was being used for rehearsals and performances the other side functioned perfectly well for all the bus comings and goings and the same could happen again.

It is due to the incompetence and ineptitude of Preston Council that this fine structure has been allowed to fall into disrepair at all. All this Council can do now to cover up their trail of mishandling is to bleat about having to knock down the bus station, the Guild Hall, the old Post Office and so on. I can only hope the people of Preston remember this at the ballot box.

Preston bus station must stay. It is the best bus station in the country - or should be if brought up to a state of repair, and it is a very fine example of the architecture of the era.

Preston Council must go..............the bus station must stay.
Very well said. I was ...................................................
................................................................................​...... what`s the use of me commenting when you are on ignore lists? Nobody would know what I was talking about.
Yes, silly isn't it. So very silly. Grown men behaving like schoolboys.
Ity hasn't got "concrete cancer" which basically ends Frank's arguments.
You are right Noel, it hasn't. That was a story made up to suit somebody's purpose.
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