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Full Version: Major Celebration in two weeks
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Enjoy the day and family get-together.
How did the celebrations go Frank?
Still six days to go, Germinal. My wife and I had a small celebratory dinner with my brother and sister on the actual date (the 22nd), but the big "do" is next Sunday (the 31st). Our son and grand-daughters' Delta Airlines flight from Tokyo landed at SeaTac airport about 45 minutes ago. Our eldest daughter is picking them up and driving them the 95 miles or so to our house.

We still have some shopping to do for the party - paper tablecloths. plastic drinkware and maybe some table floral displays and some music selecting from our CD library.

It's starting to get a bit hectic. After the party it will also be a big rush, as our Japan guests leave for Tokyo on Monday and need to be at the airport about 11:15. Luckily, our youngest daughter and family are going home early on Monday, as she's a high-school maths teacher and school goes back Tuesday morning. They live in Olympia, WA and their drive home goes right past the airport. They're taking Matthew and Luna as they go.

Our UK visitors have an 09:25 depature from SeaTac on Wednesday, so they'll be staying overnight at one of the airport hotels Tuesday night. We'd have to be on the road by 04:30 to get them there from Anacortes on the day! We're having an early-bird dinner with eldest daughter and s-i-l in at a nice restaurant in Mukilteo on Tuesday evening, then she's driving them to their hotel.

Then we drive home and try to get our breaths back! Still, 50th wedding anniversaries are special times and we wouldn't have wanted to miss getting together.

Oh sorry - I haven't been reading things properly obviously! Undecided

Fancy them going all that way to celebrate with you. That says a lot! Our relations didn't even think of coming up from Kent or Essex for ours.

Hope it all goes really well and best of luck with it all.
Me neither we usually celebrate on the actual date, guess it's a bit of an OCD thing with me.
Lucky Man Frank.
The only reason it's next Sunday is that it was the only date in August or September that the HOA's cabana was not booked. With 46 attendees, we couldn't have it at the house and, for HOA members, the cabana is $100 rental fee. Anywhere else in town would be at least 10x that.

I'll post some pics after the event. It will be obvious, when you see the place, why we wanted to have the party there.

Well Frank, it's Monday here, a week later; Pics please!

I don't want to "rain on your parade" but I'm sad to report that Joy and I only made 7 years of Marriage - although we were engaged and lived together for 18 years before, so in my mind it was 25! However, after a long fight, she died, peacefully, last Monday, in Rotorua hospital; she came home from hospital for a few days for us (family and friends) to say our goodbyes and we had a marvellous funeral and burial service in Hamilton on Saturday. She is buried, as she wanted to be, with her father, John A. (Jack) Tyrrell-Baxter. Jack was a Kiwi but served as Regimental Chaplain in the US Army 341st Division during WW2, as he was there from 1939, studying theology at Butler University, Indianapolis.

I also have to admit to taking up the 'evil weed' again 10 days ago, after 8 weeks of purity - however, now the trauma of the last 3 weeks is over I am confident that I'll lay off them again very soon.
So sorry to hear this sad news Jerry. Sincere condolences to you and the whole family.

I'm sure you can be forgiven for your lapse in the circumstances - very understandable I think. Good luck with the future.
That's very sad news, Jerry. Our thoughts are with you.

We didn't get a chance to use our camera very much - too busy! We're collecting images from other people who were snapping away and I'll be posting some in a few days. 41 of the 46 invitees came and a good time was had by all. The weather was about as perfect as it gets - unlimited visibility, temp in the low 70s F, bright blue skies and just a gentle breeze.

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