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Full Version: Major Celebration in two weeks
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Eilleen and I were married on her 20th birthday, August 22nd 1964. Next Friday is our 50th anniversary. My sister, Jean, and brother, Colin, are coming out from the UK, arriving tomorrow evening. It was Jean's birthday yesterday. She and Eileen were born only 6 days apart.

Our son and grand-daughter (2 yrs 8 months old) are coming over from Japan. Our three daughters, spouses and grandkids are coming in from variious places in western Washington. Add in a bunch of friends and neighbors, and we'll have close to 50 people for a catered party on August 31st.

It's a lot of angst to organize it, but I'm sure we'll all have a good time. Our Homeowners Association has a "cabana", right on the beach-front on Burrows Channel (look up Cabana Lane, Anacortes on Google Earth the building is right at the west end, under the bluff). It's specifically designed for these kind of celebrations.

These things only come along once in a lifetime, so you try to make the most of it.

We were married in the old Methodist Church on Turpin Green. Jack Puntis officiated. We had the reception at what is now the big recreation facility near the Charnock Richard motorway service area.

Can't believe it's been 50 years!

I'll post a few pictures after the event.

Many congratulations to you both, and I hope the celebrations are all that you hoped.
Congrats Frank, hope you have many more. We are a long way behind you at 21 years.


Yes, Audrey. Back then it was just a manor house with a meeting hall behind it (Park Hall?). It may have been a religious retreat or residence at some point. Camelot was several years later.

Congratulations Frank here`s to your celebration party, I married in 61, and had I stuck it out mine would have been 53, but after 39 years I divorced and now live with a partner, well done to you both having survived with a lot of give and take and deep love.
Congratulations Frank and Eilleen.

We will have managed to stay married for 5 years next week. Doesn't time fly!
Congratulations Frank and Eileen!

Joy and I were married on 07/07/07 so we're supposed to be itching now?

PS I have now been pure (clean from first-hand cigarette smoke) for nearly 8weeks!!!
Oh Jerry that's great. I bet you are lovely to be near now!

Big GrinBig GrinWink
We're rushing towards the edge of the cliff! Jean & Colin flew into Seattle on Monday afternoon and are getting over the jet lag quite well. We took a trip (about 40 miles each way) to our favorite small waterfront town of Coupeville today. It's located on the waterfront of Penn Cove, which is famous for its musssels and oysters. We had lunch in a small restaurant and were very surprised when the black waiter asked if we were from Lancashire. It turned out he'd spent quite a lot of time around Skipton when he was in the US military and recognised the northern accents.

Tomorrow is the actual anniversary/birthday date. The four of us will be going to one of our favorite restaurants in town for a celebration "early-bird special" dinner at 5:15 pm. We'll probably go for a sightseeing run after an early lunch, maybe up the coast towards Bellingham.

Son and grand-daughter arrive Monday morning at Sea-Tac. They Skyped with us this afternoon. Matthew said that, one day last week, Luna got her coat and shoes out of the closet and said "Go see America Grandma". She expected to just get on a train and go! She's in for a bit of a surprise on Monday.

Many congratulations Frank and Eilleen, today's the day.
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