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Full Version: Long time gone
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I left Lancashire in 1979, joining the Marines. I think I have only visited a couple of times since, both more than 30 years ago.

I went to Balshaw's and Runshaw, but lived in Eccleston.

So, Hello all!

Big Grin
Hi Bez, I left Leyland about 15 years ago, although I was back there last week.

We left the UK in 1968, though we'd been in the Midlands for 3 years then. My last return visit was for my Dad's funeral in 2001, but Eileen and some of our adult children have been back since.

We've lived in western Washington State since then, for all but three years spent in Hampton, Virginia. I retired from Boeing in 1998 and we moved to Anacortes in late 1999.

Frank Damp
Welcome BezB, as an ex marine must have seen some action in your 30 years service,, I lived and worked in Leyland until retirement and moved to Crete/Greece on health grounds 9 years ago, never been back but family come to us for holidays. All children grown up, Mark Harrison, Blake, Shaun and Beth.
Hi Bez and welcome. I live in Farington Moss also went to Balshaws but before Runshaw had been built.
Hello Bez

Welcome to the Forum. I'm currently working between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with a home in Perth western Australia. Left Leyland in 1987 for Queensland Australia after working on all the Lancashire factories as an Industrial Engineer for (the old) British Gas.


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