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How do I post photo`s on the forum?
Dave, you have to upload the photo first. There is an attachments panel at the bottom of the New Post page, once your file is uploaded you can attach it to a post.
Thanks to Martin for info.

Does this mean we don't need to upload the photos to Photobucket any more, but can just pick them up from anywhere and attach them? There are a couple that I got in an e-mail and a few from my own camera that are on my computer that I'd like to share.

Will the Forum accept photos in formats other than .jpg?

You can upload the photos Frank. I'm not sure how many formats are compatible, but common file formats should be ok.
Uploading means photobucket or similar though doesn't it?
No Noel, it means upload from your computer (C drive). You can of course link to a photo elsewhere on the internet.
I can't get it to work Martin. I select the photo from my PC, it shows as the selected file, then select "add attachment" and nothing happens.

Once you have clicked Add attachment you should see 2 buttons, REMOVE & INSERT INTO POST

Click Insert Into Post and it will add a code into your post.


OK, but a bit small? There again it was only 50kb, most of the photos are 5mb and too large to insert.
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