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Perhaps it would wake up some of our still-alive members if the data block at the bottom of the page also included the date of the last post and by whom it was made.

Scanning through the present listings, it appears that the last post was TEN DAYS AGO!!!!.

Maybe if the last posting date was made obvious, more folks would wake up and participate. Not being a fan of U-tube, Facebook, etc., I miss the regular correspondence on this forum. I fear it will die from lack of participation. It has been a source of much background information for me, as an ex-pat Leylander 5,000 miles away, and I'd be sorry to see it die.

Get on your horse (or your keyboard), folks and keep this thing alive!

I make the last post 3 days ago
I don't even know how to find when it was made, the new search options have me baffled too.
Sorry guys, I did miss a couple that were within 4 days. There are some subject headings that haven't had any activity since 2013.

Hiya Frank, Just to show I'm still alive - turned 77 the day after your post!
(& Hi to anyone else out there who still surfs to this site!)
I'm a bit behind you, Jerry - 74 in late Sept. It would be nice to see the site recover some of the activity levels from its ealy days.

Hi Frank, I sent you an email yesterday. Did you get it?
(07-Jul-2015 03:00 AM)anacortesdamp Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a bit behind you, Jerry - 74 in late Sept. It would be nice to see the site recover some of the activity levels from its ealy days.


Hello all you forum watchers! Still cool here in Central Plateau territory, but Spring is looming; I noted that Hastings and Napier got to 18degC yesterday (Taupo still only 11deg - but at least we've had no frosts for 5days).
I have once more stopped smoking - pure since 29th June - 1 month since my 77th b'day. Better late than never!
well done Jerry. Wet and cool here,around 16C, had no summer whatsoever.
Beautiful summer , though there's a looming risk of a water shortage - even rationing in some areas of Washington. We've only had 2 cloudy days, with a small amount of rain, since the middle of May. Over 80 F is forecast for Seattle with maybe 90 F over the weekend. We're protected from the really high temps by the local waters. About 2 miles south of us, Burrows Bay drops to more than 100 fathoms deep and, since most of the water is snow-melt run-off, it stays around 55 F. It cools the winds blowing from the ESE across to SSW down significantly. I'm expecting 75 or so, maybe 79 over the weekend.

I'll put up with the occasional earthquake, compared to the hammering the Gulf and southern Atlantic coasts are taking on a daily basis.

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