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Full Version: Leyland Churches get Cardiac Smart
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Pleased to advise members on the LF that Defibrillators have recently been installed at St Andrews (LeylandParish) Church & the Parish Hall and also at Leyland Methodist Church Community Centre, a CPAD (Community Public Access Defibrillator) will be installed at St Mary's Church very soon, This initiative is in partnership with the North West Ambulance Service Campaign for more Defibrillators in Public Places. Let's help make Leyland a Cardiac Smart Town
Hello Keith, another good news story.
Most congregations now-a-days are more the elderly of the community so it is well placed and welcome news for the people of Leyland.
Yes, good news. They are gradually becoming more commonplace.
Are they using them to keep the congregation awake - a bit like a cattle prodder Smile

I just remembered I have to take my suit to the cleaners to have the thunderbolt stain removed from the back of the jacket Smile
Made me smile too, charging... stand clear
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