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Full Version: New Music Event
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Hi all, my name is Brian Ascroft (Also known as Bryan Foster).

Usually, I post things about myself and my own music, however I have something new to share with the people of Leyland. You may or may not be familiar with a charity called Oxfam. Every October the Oxfam charity host what is known as Oxjam which is a huge music festival that takes place within towns and cities across the UK all within the month of October.

The Oxjam Festival has been to locations including Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Southport, Blackburn and many more locations, however to my knowledge has never been to Leyland. So as a music lover and creator myself, I applied to launch the event here in my hometown and was so excited when I received a letter in the post to say I had been accepted.

What this means is this year, I will be organising a live music night on Saturday in October which will feature up to 4, maybe 5 acts and then hopefully by next year this can extend to over 10 venues with even more acts (Similar to the way that the Leyland Live event is run).

Please visit the following pages for all updates and information relating to this event.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OxjamLeyland
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OxjamLeyland
Get Involved: http://apply.oxjamleyland.co.uk

Website coming soon.
Hi Brian and welcome to the forum. Feel free to keep plugging this event and keep us up to date with your progress. Good luck.
Good luck with it Brian, shared on FB.
(03-May-2016 07:26 PM)noel Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck with it Brian, shared on FB.

Does anyone know if this ever happened? Didn't see anything about it in the press or on social media. Maybe I just missed it.
Well done Bill a worthy event.......
(25-Feb-2017 10:55 AM)Dave H Wrote: [ -> ]Well done Bill a worthy event.......

Afraid I can't take any credit, that should be Brian.....if it happened that is.....But even if not, credit for trying.
It did happen, if you follow the facebook link it gives details. I vaguely remembered it at the time happening but not in to that sort of music and live entertainment didn't follow it up.
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