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Full Version: So who's going to win the league this year????
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At the star t of the season, we have to ask the inevitable question - who's goi g to win the league thus year??

What do we all think?

I doubt very much there'll be a shock like last season. Back to one of the big 5. Hobson's choice but Mourinho's spending £95 million on one player is obscene. I'm a season ticket holder at PNE for my sins and the Championship as Division 2 is now called is a very rich division now with 16 teams receiving parachute payments, £29 million I believe so little teams like PNE Burton Albion Barnsley haven't much chance. Newcastle United with gates of over 50,000 should be in with a shout.
I agree no shocks this year, the big teams are buying their way to the top.
In the championship it hasn't been a good start for your team, and we at Wigan only won 1 of 2 games but a long way to go yet. The start last year for us was awful but we became champions to come up to the championship, we would like to think we could do the same again but we don't like to spend beyond our means. It could take a few years as long as we dont go back down.

frank h.
I think Wigan are still getting parachute payment as it's called Frank? Yes bad start for us nothing unusual there, we always oddly take a while to get going though Saturday should have been a draw, the linesman ruling offside a perfectly good goal. TV confirmed. Could be even worse tonight if Grayson sticks to his safety first policy and sets the side up for a 0-0 draw. The championship is highly competitive and a big step up from div.1… Good luck but not on 23rd September when I'll be watching on TV in Dalyan.
So it's a tale of 2 Manchester's at the start of the season - where will it end? Can Rooney patch up Everton, Will Liverpool rise or with the Cockneys knock them all off with the usual goal in the last minute that went in off somebody's backside from a mis-kick Smile
City look a different class. United depend a lot on Lukaku scoring. City have got 3 players leading scorers in the division. North End play at Hull tonight, and I've missed 3 home games while I've been in Turkey, same happened last year. It seems the people who put the fixtures out wait till I've booked my holidays?
Must be a conspiracy Noel
Looks like Everton are going down, they need to reverse this trend fast. 1954 since they were in less than the top league.
Burnley's manager is the favourite for the vacant job at Everton, I'd be miffed if I were a Burnley supporter, he's taken an unfashionable East Lancs. club and established them as a strong premier league club.

we played Villa on Wednesday this week. You could see they had some very expensive players, John Terry for example. But blatant penalty North End should have had, and I'm told tv replays show it was and that the ref had a clear view, not given. The same happened v Newcastle last season where the defender hauled Beckford down in the penalty area, not given. The standard of referees in The Championship is dire at best, corrupt at the worst.
Everton is back at number 10 but only 9 points above the bottom club - no margin at all. City seem to be running away with it.

Of greater interest today - England are being outplayed in Adelaide - Root gone, hopefully Cook can offer some resistance, but if he does he may run out of partners. They need to reverse the whitewash of the first test in Brisvegas.
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