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100 years since one of the worst battles of WW1. Quite a bit of news online , being celebrated/remembered maybe a better word 31st July. It's worth reading and taking in what those men went through.
I think my Grandad may have been there, he was certainly shot and returned to the front in many exotic European locations
Our next door neighbour when we lived in Dunkirk Lane named Sammy Dean fought in WW1 and came through it without a scratch, we think more by luck than judgement, lucky man...
If you go on tonights Lancasire evening post site there is a artical called Lancasire on the front line.

My grandmothers two brothers were involved in WW1, one died in France - Hugh Mcdade, and the other James Mcdade came home to live in Herbert St.

My wifes two grandfathers both fought in WW1, one died in France - Richard Danson, the other James Braddock died back home of his wounds both are commemorated on Wigan war memorial.

Hugh Mcdade is commemorated on Leyland war memorial along with his Nephew Wilfrid Mann who died in India during WW2 and is buried in the Delhi War cemetry.

frank h.
I watched the BBC tribute to those who fought. Very moving and it made me think how some of those in Europe want allegedly to put ish Britain for leaving the EU. Ironic and hurtful when you consider what our soldiers did to liberate it from the Germans.
And now the Germans seem to be leading Europe - funny that.
Being part of Europe had helped us to have 45 years of European peace, I and others my age felt that peace for that length of time was well worth joining with Europe remembering the horrors of WW11, Ted Heath was on the ball when he called for a united Europe, it had worked for 45 years, now we wonder after Brexit will the war free Europe we had break up and be returned to nationalism...
I think NATO probably had more to do with peace in Europe Dave but having said that I don't share the glee some have in leaving the EU. And how our PM has the gall to continue backed by a bunch of homophobic racists..well it sums up my opinion of politicians.
Noel, Two world disasters, May and Trump, no clear thinking, only nuclear thinking, statespersons are thin on the ground...
I have to agree with you guys re Brexit ,I think attempting to improve the EU from within would have been the better option , from what I read many financial enterprises are moving to mainland Europe . Could another referendum become a reality ?
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