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Full Version: final model for this winter
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[Image: Brick truck9a.jpg]
That's lovely, Jim, must've taken you years- I'm impressed by the chamfered flanges on the fins and the ornamental Rococo style wheel nuts!!!!!
Cracking model Jim. How long did that little beauty take you?
Noel, It took about 4 weeks (on and off). I`m quite pleased with it because it began life as a box trailer and I dismantled it, cut it up and copied one of Berry`s trucks that I had seen in Leyland.
( I even roped (pardon the pun)my wife in to machine edge the load cover sheets).
The detail looks quite superb. A credit to you (both)
Thanks for the kind remarks Noel. I too think it looks superb ([:I] says he - modestly).
I called this thread, `last model of the winter`, but having bought three on ebay in the last 10 days, I`m iching to get at them.
As I stated before, I bought all my kits on Strand Road, but those on e-bay are brand new and in most cases have cost me less than half the recommended price.
It IS lovely, Jim! Now I can see it!!
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