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New thread, new page, new season, same old hopes [Tongue][Tongue][Tongue]
Different result?


The 2005/2006 Fixtures will be published Thursday June 23.

Football League kick-off August 6
The Championship League One and Two get underway.
An interesting article today, Ricardo Fuller failed his medical at Sunderland. A great talent, the best player I have seen since Finney, at Deepdale, but dodgy knees.
==================================Fuller fails Sunderland medical

Fuller's career statistics
Sunderland have pulled out of a move for Portsmouth striker Ricardo Fuller after he failed a medical.
The 25-year-old's move on a pay-as-you- play-deal has been wrecked by a persistent knee injury.

Pompey chief executive Peter Storrie said: "Everyone knows he has got a knee problem and Sunderland knew in advance.

"It is surprising that this has happened after Sunderland knew the facts anyway. It is frustrating, especially for Ricardo."

Storrie added: "We had structured a pay-as-you-play deal that was the same kind of deal as he had here.

"His knee might need an operation at some stage, but it could be next week or it could be in the next five years. Everyone knew that was the case.

"It is frustrating, especially for Ricardo. I am sure someone will take him because he has proved with us that his knee is okay because he appeared in more games for us last season than almost anyone."
Now that the new season is almost upon us, what do you all think of PNE's chances of going up or winning the division this time?
No way of telling is there Martin? However the close season groundwork, coupled with the new faces, and without a doubt the best manager in the division, can only give grounds for optimism. Had you asked the question this time last year with Brown in charge, I would have said that we had no chance at all of doing anything.
I think competition is going to be harder this season. Wolves are the favourites in my eyes, they had a really good run towards the end of last season. I'd be happy mid-table.
1-0 to the Whites today at Bury, that man Nugent again.
[Image: gigglane8sd.gif]
The team opened the season with an away win at Watford's Vicarage Rd ground.. Going behind after 9 minutes that man David Nugent equalised on 23 and Dickson Etuhu scored the winner just before half time. 10 shots, 8 on target 2 hitting the back of the net, and here's Nuge celebrating his goal and looking more like a tall Tyrone from Corrie , every day.
[Image: 2522491]
Brilliant. Promotion gained by Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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