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- noel - 20-Mar-2013 02:05 PM

Nice recollections there Bill, I often wonder if what we have now is progress, I suspect not. On another tack I received an email from Ray Rowe who worked at the motors back in the fifties asking if anyone remembered him... copying..hi noel ray rowe does any one remember me i work at Leyland motors in the fifties and played soccer for them with les daggers and danny lavery brian pilkinton work at leyland he played for burnley let me know.yours ray

- anacortesdamp - 20-Mar-2013 03:38 PM

It was pretty bad in the winter of 47/48, too. I remember walking to school with my Dad on Church Road (we lived on Beech Avenue then), and snow had drifted up against the high wall of the churchyard opposite the end of Sandy Lane to a depth of about 10 feet. I was 6 at the time


- anacortesdamp - 21-Mar-2013 03:55 AM

How are things in Leyland with the nasty winter weather? Our latitude is just a bit south of the Channel (48 degrees 30-something) and our temps have been in the middle 50s F with overnights in the high 30s for a couple of weeks.

We're having wind problems at the moment, steady 45 knots with gusts to 60, though "it's a warm wind". Yeah, sure. Even when it's 50F, a 50 mph wind makes it feel a lot colder. Walking our two Labs twice a day is a bit of a trial when it's this wild.

I sure hope the UK gets out of the cold snap soon. It must be a real trial this late in the year. in the US, today was officially the First Day of Spring. You sure couldn't tell here in Anacortes.


- anacortesdamp - 21-Mar-2013 03:58 AM

Martin or Noel:

I realised, after I'd posted, that my last post wasn't really appropriate for the subject of the thread. I'd appreciate you moving it and maybe opening a new thread about the weather.


- anacortesdamp - 21-Mar-2013 04:03 AM


I don't consider myself quite in the "oldies" category, but at 71, I'm close to getting there. As other folks have said, I offer my condolences. We're "between times" in our family. All my Dad's generation are gone, so my sister, brother and I and our cousins, all in the middle 60's and early 70's, are now the 'old folks'.

Gives you something to ponder!


- William R - 21-Mar-2013 11:15 AM

Lost another posting - where did it go,

Audrey, ask about the perk with molasses, before it was put into Leighton Buzzard sand for core making. Twenty Capstan got some in a little jar. WRH

- William R - 21-Mar-2013 11:20 AM

alcohol? was delivered to No.9 Shop for mixing with antifreeze fluid for engines.. Sometimes it spilled out and had to be collected. There was a feeling that people were a bit careless with the mixing, anyone remember? WRH.

- William R - 21-Mar-2013 11:25 AM

Keeping on the bits and pieces - during the War we were deducted a small sum, I think it was two pennies from your wage. Never bothered much about it until the Pension People did their calculations - and there it was as a small increase on the State Pension. WRH

- William R - 21-Mar-2013 11:30 AM

One for Frank. The bad winter of 1947 - missed that one as I was on a trip to the Far East for the Army, with others who did their bit during the War then got called up because they were deferred apprentices. Enjoy your memories, keep them coming. WRH

- William R - 21-Mar-2013 11:36 AM

Martin. If you want to move these snippets about,feel free. I keep pressing the wrong button and losing posts, sorry. WRH