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- Ron w - 01-Mar-2007 11:10 PM

Hi tony
Sorry about the mistake.Jack Linley would be your Gt.Grandfather
So long

- Ron w - 01-Mar-2007 11:13 PM

Hi Tony
Sorry about the mistake Jack who I worked with would be your Gt.Grandfather

- TonyL - 04-Mar-2007 11:49 PM

Hello Ron.
Hope you've fully recovered.
Sad to hear Harold died.
John (Jack) Lindley was my grandfather.
His father was also called John and was a boilermaker.
Can you please clarify for me who each person is in each of the 3 pics?

- Ron w - 07-Mar-2007 09:56 PM

Hi Tony.

In picture one Bert Rimmer
Clarence Livesey
Fred Bullough
Jack Linley
In picture two Dick Fish
Jack Linley
Bill Toohey
Dont know this bloke

In picture three Jack Linley
Bert Rimmer
Dont know this chap

I have tried to do my best but I am afraid I cannot place two of those people.I worked with your Gt.Grandfather as a boilermaker
in North Works,he taught me Gas welding and then I moved to the smithy to go on stellite welding didnt go back to the shop for about two years.

- TonyL - 07-Mar-2007 11:51 PM

Thanks Ron.
Much appreciated.


- anacortesdamp - 08-Mar-2007 04:20 AM

When I was at RCAT Salford, a distant cousin who was an LML apprentice lived in the same digs in Old Trafford. He was in the September-January class and I was in the jan-July one.

Does anyone know where Rodney Bailey finished up? I think his folks lived on Yewlands Drive or somewhere close by.

Frank Damp

- William R - 08-Mar-2007 01:28 PM

Chrisjames posting of December 2006 mentions No.8 Shop at Spurrier Works, I can fill in a bit but don`t want to go too far.

Posting previously on the Forum, I will re-cap. In the early 1950`s Leylands were given the order to build Centurian Mk7 tanks. We had a green field situation when I joined, and layout drawings of Vickers at Elswick, and the tank factory at Barnbow, anf the instruction to build a factory, or rather to equip it.

Originally I wanted to go into the Jig and Tool D.O. but it was full so I went into the Plant Layout Dept under Jess Pye, working with Philip Swann. We had a massive machinery Schedule from the M.O.S. and filled the place with a viable layout of new machinery, the like of which Leylands had only dreamed about. We had a Froriep Horizontal Borer with a 5m. table, a number of smaller Borers, names like Ceruti, Hasse and Wrede, were common as part of the reparations programme. We equipped the place, and yes, we put in the notorious Conveyor Cafeterias conveyors which never worked. We made tanks - everybody was happy. Then came the H.S.1500 - anyone remember that?

Finally the MOS let Leylands have the factory back, and I got a call to go to North Works to see Stanley Markland and Henry Spurrier and got the instruction (very hush/hush) to make a layout of Farington Engine Factory on the site. Did that, and filled No.8 Shop with all the plant required to make E300/E350 and E600/E680 engines, and we made engines, and engines, and more engines. I installed an annealing furnace outside No.8 only to be told that usually these were supplied to Cremetoria, I never felt easy with it.

Eventually, I realised that Leylands were over staffed and made my move away. So, starting as an Apprentice Toolmaker, finished as a Plant layout Draffy. Salary - AESD rate £9.9s.0. I moved for money and went into works engineering, now, at 82 yrs I can look back and ask "Were they the Good Years?" Well.........

- jo64 - 19-Apr-2007 08:59 PM

Yes it is Clarence Livesey and it is me that has recently added him to a forum - as a famous Leylander - well he was in our house anyway. He was my grandad and my Mum is Barbara, who used to have the chip shop on Towngate.[:I]quote:

Originally posted by TonyL


Originally posted by William R

The first picture - third from left, looks like a very young Fred Bullough, he came from Duxbury I think. The others? No memories.

The third picture is of a Retriever (WLW Series) which we made a lot of during the early war years, I don`t recognise anyone.

Correct William R.
Pic.1 left to Right:- Bert Rimmer? Someone called either Livesey(Clarence) or Smalley?, Fred Bullough and John (Jack) Lindley, (my grandfather).
Only know 2 people - My grandfather again, (2nd from left) and Harold Rothwell (far right) who I worked with in the drawing office some years ago.
Pic.3 [/u] Taken in 1942. my grandfather is the only one I know.

The aforesaid Clarence Livesey, if it's him, has had a mention in the forum somewhere, recently.

- anacortesdamp - 20-Apr-2007 06:41 AM

My uncle George Damp was a test driver in the mid-1950s into the -60's, when he retired. He was one of the first Leyland drivers to go testing at MIRA - the Motor Industries Research Association test facility near Nuneaton.

He told some fascinating stories about the place. Little did I know that in late 1967 and early 68, I would also be running tests at MIRA in my role as a development engineer at Norton Motorcycles.

My great-gransfather bought the smithy where the original Leyland Motors was founded. It became our family ironmonger's shop. In the early 1970's tha family business was wrapped up ant the property was sold. I think it's a carpet store now, with a tanning salon upstairs. Our company address was 143 Towngate. There's one of those blue "Heriatge" plaques on the wall commemorating the history, but it doesn't mention the Damps!

A few years (12 or so?) back, while I was still with Boeing, I went to Frankfurt to visit with Lufthansa. The Boeing Field Service rep came to pick me up at the hotel and I was amazed to see a "PP" decal in the back window of his BMW. Even more amazing was he'd been an LML apprentice and knew our shop really well. Can't for the life of me remember his name!


- Ron w - 09-May-2007 09:34 PM

Reading your message Re.testing at M.I.R.A.what is left of The Motors have now reverted to using M.I.R.A.again despite a very good test track being on the doorstep at the Tech. Centre.It is not being used now and I suppose it wil just get overgrown until they decide to build on it.