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Visiting leyland - Martin - 08-Jun-2003 08:28 PM

I'm popping oop to Leyland next weekend (13th - 16th June). Hayley has an audition in Kent, so that means I will have time to do other things.

I might even get to meet Linda again [Smile]

I thought I would warn you all as I have some films in my cameras that need using up [8D]

- LDunlop76 - 09-Jun-2003 07:18 PM


Originally posted by Martin

I'm popping oop to Leyland next weekend (13th - 16th June).
I might even get to meet Linda again [Smile]

Awww, Martin - would love to see you, but I'm committed next weekend. It's Father's Day and
my husband's birthday, so I'm out both Saturday and Sunday. What a bummer! [Sad]
Maybe Noel will accompany you for a pint?

- Martin - 09-Jun-2003 09:56 PM

Never mind Linda, I'll be up again fairly soon. I hope the weather is fine for when I'm up there, if I get some good photos, I can start adding them to the website front page.

- Hayleypink - 10-Jun-2003 10:50 AM

yeh hopefully i can make it up north soon with martin

- LDunlop76 - 10-Jun-2003 08:26 PM

Oooh, hope so, Hayley!

- noel - 10-Jun-2003 08:39 PM

I'm visiting my sister down in Bishop Stortford so I can't be around sorry. I have a boiler to pick up in Cambridge and am stopping overnight with posh sis.
I call her posh sis because she talks like a southern nancy. And I tell her but I love her to bits really. I have a posh sis and a unposh sis. (one who talks like what I do)

- Martin - 10-Jun-2003 09:54 PM

Funny you should mention Cambridge Noel. We had a day out there a couple of weeks ago... There were push bikes everywhere.

- noel - 10-Jun-2003 10:59 PM

That's lucky Martin, my bike got pinched 2 weeks ago. I wonder if I dare.:-)

- William R - 10-Jun-2003 11:00 PM

Sorry Martin, I will miss you this time, I`m going up to Scotland for a while to ruminate, but I will be in touch when I return, I wonder if anyone will miss me? Never been hit so far. Cheerio, William R

- William R - 10-Jun-2003 11:31 PM

Linda, Say Happy birthday to Barry from two folks you know, (nudge/wink) He`ll remember me, and Joyce as well. Cheers Bill.