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books on Crete - Dave H - 17-Jan-2012 08:58 AM

3 good books on living in Greece,"It`s all Greek to me!", By John Mole and "Talking to Zeus"by Jane Shaw,Blue Skys & Black Olives by John Humphrys and his son Christopher,all very informative and true to life, life here is what you make it, we enjoy it but it`s not for everybody.[Big Grin]

- noel - 17-Jan-2012 04:04 PM

I had quite a few holidays on Crete and in my short time I saw big expansions to accomodate the tourist industry in the north east where we usually stayed. Kata Gouves when we first stayed was a small quiet resort but a few years later it was a busy resort, likewise Stalida, Malia Sitia and even Sisi. We visited the Temple of Knossos and it was so touristy I wish we hadn't bothered, stalls selling burgers and ice cream, massive queues to get in. Where is the true Crete Dave? The one where the locals live.

- Dave H - 17-Jan-2012 08:20 PM

In short Noel, where we are Kolimbari northwestern crete,and some of the smaller islands, also get up into the mountain regions of Crete in a hire car, not on the main bus routes, as a tourist it is hard to immerse yourself into village life in just a few weeks holiday, read the books I suggested, it will explain more about the real Greece.I agree about Knossos being touristy, Phaestos is a far better visit and on the island of Kos the Escaplion where Hypocrates the father of medicine practised is a wonderfully peaceful place. here tourism is knocking on the door but seek futher west and it`s original village life,similar to Muchhoole and Croston etc as I remember them in Lancashire.