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A busy month starts today - anacortesdamp - 03-Oct-2016 03:34 PM

Our son, Matthew and grand-daughter Luna are a bit beyond the half-way point on their flight from Tokyo to Seattle, coming to visit for two weeks. Daughter-in-law, Chiho will get here on Friday, then they'll fly home together the following Friday. We only get to see them once a year, so it makes for a rather hectic time.

After they've gone home, Barbara, an old friend of ours from my Boeing days, will be visiting for a week. She lives in rural California with her older daughter and family. Her younger daughter lives in Lynden (about 50 miles further north, close to the Canadian border) and Barbara is coming for several weeks with her. Her daughter is going to Wisconsin for a week so Barbara will be staying with us. We haven't seen her for a couple of years.

We're hoping the weather will cooperate. Summer seems to have ended very abruptly. Highs have been around 80F with bright sunshine for the last few weeks, but we got rain on Friday for the first time since mid-July, and the forecast is for high temps around 60F or less. I think it will be May before we see even 70 degrees again.

Best wishes to all,

Frank D

RE: A busy month starts today - noel - 04-Oct-2016 06:43 PM

I'm sure you are all looking forward to the visit Frank. We are re adjusting to the English weather after the 30 c plus in Turkey, that's 88 plus in old money. Having said that it's been sunny around 19 c 67f daytime but evenings the ch is on! Later this month is our 46th wedding anniversary so scratch head time, what to do. ?

RE: A busy month starts today - anacortesdamp - 04-Oct-2016 07:40 PM

It was our 52nd anniversary a couple of months ago (late August). We had a big party on our 50th, so we just go out for a good dinner at one of our favorite local watering holes on the other anniversaries. I daren't forget altogether, because we were actually married on Eileen's 20th birthday, so it would be a double strike!

Frank D

RE: A busy month starts today - noel - 07-Oct-2016 08:40 AM

I think we'll just go out for a meal.Our big celebration was the 40 and we also spent a long weekend in London taking in a few shows. London was far busier than when we last visited back in the seventies and to be honest I was glad to leave the capital and head back home.

RE: A busy month starts today - Peter Harris - 09-Oct-2016 05:26 AM

Just had a week in Leyland to celebrate my Mum's 90th. It was a great occasion.

RE: A busy month starts today - Dave H - 09-Oct-2016 07:09 AM

Glad to hear that your Mum is 90 Peter, she is like your grandmother I remember her longevity as a very bright and active lady, my regards to your Mum...............

RE: A busy month starts today - noel - 09-Oct-2016 08:56 PM

Congratulations to your mum Peter.

RE: A busy month starts today - anacortesdamp - 10-Oct-2016 03:02 PM

You're fortunate to still have here around, Peter. My mum passed away at 68 from cancer, my dad at 84 with dementia. My maternal grandmother made it to 94. She was born on February 29th, so even with 94 years, she'd only had 23 birthdays. When she turned 84, the family had a "21st Birthday" party for her. we were in the US by then, so couldn't attend.

Frank D

RE: A busy month starts today - Peter Harris - 11-Oct-2016 09:44 AM

Thanks for your kind wishes Guys - very much appreciated. I told my mum that we are in touch David - she remembers your time living next to us as happy times.

RE: A busy month starts today - noel - 13-Oct-2016 08:20 PM

Had my car motd today and the guy doing the test rang his mother to say he'd be home in 5 minutes to make her a meal. Then looked at me and said proudly, she's 93 now and I go home every lunch time to make sure she gets fed. My parents died over 30 years ago. I'm already older than dad was when he died. Scary.