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Balcares Road - lounewton - 13-Dec-2017 10:59 PM

I am wondering if anyone knows of or remembers the Arnfield family who lived for very many years on Balcarres Road (please forgive the spelling), it is near to Sandy Lane. I am looking for information on my grandparents who lived there for much of their life after marriage. They had two children Roy and Joyce. They attended the methodist church. Roy and Joyce went to what is now called Welfield High school, I do not know what the school was called back then.
Thank you in advance for your help.

RE: Balcares Road - admin - 14-Dec-2017 05:26 PM

Hi Louise, welcome to the forum.

RE: Balcares Road - anacortesdamp - 14-Dec-2017 06:28 PM


I'm surprised not to recognise the name "Arnfield". My aunt, Amy Damp lived with her parents at 2 Crawford Avenue, which is the first house on Crawford at the junction with Balcarres Rd. Her sister and husband, Ron and Bessie Baker lived at 31 Balcarres Rd. That was one of a pair of semi-detached homes on the west side, at the corner of what I think was called Sandy Place, just after where the long row of terraced houses ended. My wife (maiden name Eileen Nixon) and I were active in the Methodist Church as young people, particularly with Clubland. She started her higher education at Wellfield, then known as "Leyland Secondary Modern", before transferring to Balshaw's. Her parents had a green-grocery at 90 Hough Lane

I'll forward your query to my sister, Jean Damp, who still lives in Leyland, at the development that went into the grounds of the original Leyland Parish Church vicarage.

I can't do any "leg-work" on your query, as we live about 4,000 miles away from Leyland, in Anacortes, Washington State, USA.

Frank Damp

RE: Balcares Road - Dave H - 14-Dec-2017 08:41 PM

Welcome Louise, I will ask my family if they can help I like Frank no longer live in Leyland after retirement I now live in Crete/Greece on health grounds, but I lived in Crawford ave for 30 years...

RE: Balcares Road - noel - 15-Dec-2017 09:24 AM

Welcome to the forum Louise. I think it was called Wellfield Secondary Modern. There is a Facebook group called Leyland memories, you have to apply for membership but once on there are many more active members than this forum ever had. Good luck.

RE: Balcares Road - jwhi - 16-Dec-2017 06:17 PM

It was simply " t'Senior School " when I were a lad Noel!
It only became Wellfield when Worden school was built.