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8 Years
Well great I share my 85th birthday with the 8th Anniversary, It cant be that bad.
Happy Birthday to you too Dan!
Martin ~
Congratulations and many thanks to all participants ,moderators and a particular thanks to Martin for starting the Leyland Forum and doing an excellent job !

Alan M
Congrats to you all and especially martin. Well done. I will be over in 2011 so may try and catch up with a few of you locals when i visit Preston. Long may you reign into 2012 cheers Sandy
Many thanks Martin, here's to the next 8 years. Belated greetings to you Dan, hope you had a great day.
Belated birthday greetings Dan, and once again thankyou Martin .
Will your shoulders stand yet another dollop of praise Martin? Keeping this ship afloat can`t have been easy and for that you have my thanks and congratulations.
Praise also to Linda & Noel for the time spent on keeping the topics on the `Straight & Narrow`. No mean feat considering some of the squalls that have blown up from time to time.
I too would like to say thank you, being a newcomer its brought back countless memories that had been rotting in the old brainbox, and it is also a good read. thanks agin
A late but heartfelt thank you, Martin, and to all us others! X

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