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33 Mill Street in 1851
03-Nov-2011, 09:56 PM
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33 Mill Street in 1851
Earlier this week I noted the bi-centenery of my great-great-grandfather Robert Lambert, born in Yorkshire on 2nd November 1811. As a young man he came south to work in the cotton mills, firstly in Cltheroe, and then when Farington Mill was built in 1836 he was one of its early employees (a Dresser / Patent Sizer). He moved into the newly built mill house at 33 Mill Street with his wife Elizabeth and sons Richard and Thomas, and where in 1845 my great-grandfather, (also Robert) was born. Sadly his only daughter Sarah died of TB there in 1850 aged 16, followed by his wife three years later aged 40. Robert Lambert and his 2 sons left 33 Mill Street before the 1861 census and I would love to know if there is anything more known of this branch of the Farington Lamberts and whether they were related to the other local Lamberts who I have read about on this site. The youngest son Robert, my great-grandfather, joined the merchant navy and Richard first became a draper and then a chapel minister. Thomas was working as a weaver in the mill in 1851 but I can find nothing more. Has anyone any more clues (or even rumours!)?

I would be really grateful for any info. Mike Lambert (b.Preston 1940)
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04-Nov-2011, 02:07 PM
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Joan Langford has written several books on Farington and Farington Mill. So far as I know they are all in Leyland Library and should be available on inter-library loan.
There is a copy in Book 4 of the wages paid to spinners in 1906. Edward Lambert was a mule spinner and recceived wages of £2/9/2 while John Lambert, also a mule spinner, received £2/18/1 1/2.
Have you looked on the Lancs BMD web site ? You should find all the people in there.
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05-Nov-2011, 10:42 PM
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Good evening Derek
Thank you so much for your prompt response and for the very valuable leads and hints to take me forward. I have now ascertained from Lancs BMD that Robert Lambert (snr) died in Preston in 1858. I have also located on the internet(and bought!) a copy of the Farington Mill history which you recommended and which I look forward to studying. I forgot to mention in my initial post that when Robert Lambert moved to Clitheroe and then to Faringon his elder brother John and his family did the same, and lived next door to Robert in Farington in 1841. Maybe John's descendents are still in the village. I will continue the search.
Regards Mike.
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06-Nov-2011, 12:27 AM
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I remember Lambert having a green grocery at the corner of Mill Street back in the fifties/sixties, obviously I don't know if they were any relations.
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07-Nov-2011, 09:06 AM
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Hi Mike. There is a lady of the ripe age of 101 who lives in Farington (it wouldnt be right for me to name her). She wrote a book about the history of Farington about 10 years ago. The book went on sale at St Catherine's church on Stanifield Lane to raise funds. I'd bet they still have copies of it, may be worth a punt?
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02-Dec-2011, 06:43 AM
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Mr and Mrs Lamberts ( from the greengrocers) daughter still goes to St Ambroses Church ,she helps with Sunday school. I am sure if you ask anyone at St Ambroses who Phyllis lamberts daughter is they will give you her name.
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28-Dec-2011, 12:25 AM
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Hi Mike I am also researching the Lamberts and have connections to Norris also. Many of my ancestors worked in the mill. Wendy
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29-Dec-2011, 06:07 PM
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Hello Wendy
I have now found out a it more.
As I noted in my original enquiry, my gggf Robert Lambert’s only daughter Sarah died in her teens and his wife Elizabeth died aged 40 in May 1853 when young Robert (ggf) was just seven. Both are buried in Farington churchyard. Three months later there was a serious industrial dispute throughout the Lancashire cotton industry and Farington Mill where Robert snr and son Thomas both worked, was locked out for seven months. It was a desperately cold winter and with no money coming in they were reliant on walking to emergency soup kitchens in Preston for food. So it seems that during this period they moved out of the mill worker’s house, 33 Mill Street, and left Farington, there being little left to stay for. After that I have lost track of Thomas but I know that my ggf Robert (jnr) went to sea as a boy and it is likely that slightly older brother Thomas did the same. Their eldest brother Richard had already left Farington before 1851 and after training as a draper’s apprentice in Oldham, worked in a Fishergate draper’s shop where British Home Stores now stands. Robert snr moved to lodgings in Lancaster Road and got a job in a stationer’s shop as a “stationer master” which I understand to have been a stock minding job. (The next bit is a pure guess but it might well have been W S Heanes shop, next door to where son Richard was already working. Heanes was still there next to BHS in my Preston days, 1940-1960). I now have a copy of Robert senior’s death certificate dated November 1858 aged 47 at Lancaster Road of pneumonia., attended and registered by son Richard. Young Robert was just 13 and it is probable that this was when he became a ship’s boy.
Robert snr also had a brother John Lambert (b 1810 in Lonsdale) who moved to Clitheroe with Robert in about 1831 where they both worked in a cotton mill. In the 1841 census he is shown also living in Mill Street, Farington with wife Mary and four children, Mary, Richard, Sarah & Elizabeth. He too was working at Farington Mill as a dresser. I have no further trace of him or his family, but is just possible that the later “Farington Mill Lamberts” are somehow connected. Good luck with your seraches, regards Mike.
PS I now live down in Hampshire
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29-Dec-2011, 07:32 PM
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Hi Wendy,
Welcome to the forum. I have some information on the Norris family of Leyland and Ulnes Walton, mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries.
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09-Feb-2013, 03:54 PM
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Hi Mike

Many thanks for your reply. I do wish this forum would let me know when someone replies to a post I have made! I only found your reply by accident when searching for info on the Norris family just now! Maybe my settings are not adjusted correctly, if anyone can help with this?

I have quite a few Lamberts in my family. Here is a list:

Agnes, born 1901 Farington (father Edwards)
Alice, born 1834, Cuerdon
Arthur J, born 1898, Farington (father Edward, born 1859)
Charles, born 1886
Cicely Margaretta, born 1909, Chorley
Edward, born 1859 (father William)
Edward, born 1888, Farington (father Edward)
Elizabeth, born 1863
Elizabeth Lilian born 1882, Leyland
Frederick born 1893, Farington

I also have a John, Jane, Margaret, Marie, Mary and William!

Do you think we may have a connection?

I live in Oxfordshire now.

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