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It snowed here in Farington Moss but the fireworks were going off all night. I remember when all you used to hear was the sirens of the boats in dock but now it's bangers and rockets, Lostock Hall must look quite spectacular with the flashes over the Pleasant Retreat. <g>
Happy New Year, everyone!

We let in the New Year at home. We stood out in the half inch of snow which had fallen to watch fireworks going off all over the neighbourhood whilst throwing a few snowballs! Then we opened a bottle of fizz and had a few nibbly things whilst watching a couple of comedy videos.

Cable TV was knocked out by the snow here - doesn't take much, does it? And even terrestrial TV was stuttering, so good old Radio 4 brought us the chimes of Big Ben at midnight. Most of the snow has gone here. That's the sort of snow I like - a good show at a festive occasion, but gone by morning so as not to disrupt traffic! LOL!

Best of luck in the job hunting, Martin. Him indoors says there are plenty of jobs going at Heathrow in all departments, if you want something to tide you over while you're looking for something in Kent. All the best to you and Hayley - I take it you went to Reki's house last night? Give her my best wishes next time you speak to her.

May 2004 bring us all good health and good cheer!
A Happy New Year to All.

Weather here is unseasonably warm, yesterday and today it was in the 70's and a cloudless sky. It's so warm the lizards have woken up and are chasing bugs, butterflies flitting around on whats left of last summers flowers. I spent a pleasant hour on my dock watching pelicans cruising up and down the bayou, and then diving at incredible speeds on any fish near the surface. Sure beats painting the house, but I must finish it.
10-30 pm EST Just returned from Niagara Falls. We expected to see plenty of ice around, in fact there was non at all, the temperature was mid forties , we last visited Niagara falls in winter about twelve years ago, it was then encased in ice , the handrails lamposts etc !
Of course the falls were spectacular, the floodlights changing the color of the vast quantity of falling water every few minutes, but the nearby winter lights were nothing at all when compared with Blackpool illuminations .
So, as regards weather, it's hard to believe how mild it is here in Southern Ontario.
This afternoon we watched a Goshawk ( about 15 inches tall when standing) as it stood on the handrail of our deck tearing apart a mouse and devouring it, it was there for approx 90 minutes, and when it left there was no trace of the mouse, it had eaten everything !

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