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10-Jun-2019, 08:25 AM,
I've formally given up with windows, got sick of the slow speeds on the 7 version I have which is about to have support ended, and Vista which had support ended some time ago. I was inputting text into 7 and finding usually when I pressed the spacebar, the cursor moved back and created what I can only describe as sheer nonsense. So years after a friend of mine told me Linux was so much better an operating system and free to users, I have downloaded it. There are many different versions but the one I have used after several attempts, is Mint 18.3. And to prove a point that is the longest post I have been able to make without constantly checking to see where the cursor is and correcting, or just giving up after several futile attempts to make sense. Hope all is well with what few contributing members we have, and still a heavy heart after the loss of Frank Damp.
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