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Full Version: PUBLIC WORKS 1800/1
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around 1800, a major public work to dig a canal connection, from the juncture with the rivers yarrow and douglas, at what is known as 'the red-bridge'. down to the modern 'bank-bridge' main road at bank hall/

this allowed the canal, then terminating at 'solem-lock' as the leeds/liverpool canal rufford spur,transferred its commerce to the 'river-douglas' sailing traffic, to be extended to the present 'river-lock' at tarleton.

does anyone have any details of where i could discover more information about this 'muscle-power' project of 200 years ago, thankyou.

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One of my customers has been tracing his family tree and it seems his great grandfather or even great great grandfather was a preacher on said canal works ! He told me that is were the term navvy comes from as well, from the actual workers ! He has obtained loads of info on the canal works !