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Have just revisited this topic, and mention of the outside toilets at the infant school prompted a memory of the time we found a lizard crawling in the trough of the boys' lav.

I can also remember that when I was there in the 1950s the staff had to put buckets out in strategic places if it rained as the school roof leaked. And the (then) relatively new innovation of school milk in tiny bottles which held a third of a pint and which for some reason was always kept next to the radiators and was lukewarm when it was dished out at playtime.
Originally posted by pammy1944

i went to fox lane infants (st andrews) from 1948/9 till i went to fox lane primary ....we left to move to blackpool around 1954,....i was called Pamela Aston then . I remember Alison Logan and Jean Damp , Peter withnell and the Frodgem children . hope one of you reads this and replies .....or anyone who remembers them too x

Pam, are you on the photo on page 1?
hey john ........... on the wellfield site ........gallery 1 .....set 3 .....3rd pic on top row. I'm 4th from the right sat next to jean damp (ribbons in my hair ) It woulod be the early 50 s
I was in the same class as Peter Withnell at St Mary's, and used to go to his house in Fox Lane where his dad made model steam trains, don't know what happened to Peter though.
Hi Peter ........Ive tried to find Peter as well , I went to his old house on fox lane about 18 yrs ago and lo and behold his mum was still there just as I remembered her .We had a good old chat about old times . I remember the steam trains ....Mr withnell and mr Watkinson ( i think ) were both interested in them and i think they founded the set up that is still on worden park .. I also remember that peters elder sister used to make dolls out of pipecleaners and dress them ( funny what you remember )....If i manage to track him down then i will let you know xxSmile
Thanks Pammy, another old school friend who now lives in the USA has emailed me asking of Peter's whereabouts.
Peter Withnell is my dad and I am pleased to report that he is well and still living locally, as is his sister Pat. Unfortunately my Grandma had to sell the model trains after my Grandad died in 1982, but I also remember them with fondness from my childhood - the electric versions on the park these days just don't seem the same.

I will happily pass on your details to my dad if any of you would like him to get in touch.
peters your dad ?????????/
yes please tell him i was asking about him my email is ....... wrdpm@aol.com .........i would love to hear from him .....thankyou for replying xxxx
My dad had a brief flirt with technology, but trying to get him back onto the internet is proving a bit of a challenge.

I will give him a call tomorrow and can always send an email on his behalf.
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