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You are right the Watkinsons did live on that side at number 13, Raymond Newton lives opposite in the 2nd step up number 12, Deacons lived at number 14 and I lived at 18.

frank h.
Peter G great photographs.
You haven't changed a bit, I dont remember all the teachers names but apart from Miss Ready, Miss Ratclife, Miss Holding, Mrs Livesey, Mr Mercer, Mr Harrison, Mr Done and Mr Gore.
A number of them went on to become Head Teachers, Mrs Livesey at Leyland St Anne's, a school built by Tomlinsons Which I worked on. Mr Gore at Euxton St Mary's who remembered me when I did some work for them. Miss Ratclife at Shevington St Bernadette's,

frank h.
Ian Watkinson died early 1976 his sister Joan (not Sheila)
died the same year in the Fall.
Joan Watkinson was a great friend of my cousin Joan Browne, who also died in South Africa several years ago.
I remember the watkinsons very well Dotty .........my parents and mr and mrs watkinson were very close ...........nice family
I guess I got confused between Sheila Watkinson and Maureen Deacon, whoi were both in my classes at Fox Lane.

Hi Peter, I don't know if you got my email or not. My name was Barbara Wilkins and I knew your dad from school. Here is my email barbigurl44@aol.com Could you give it to your dad and ask him to get in touch ?
Thanks a lot


Originally posted by withnep

Peter Withnell is my dad and I am pleased to report that he is well and still living locally, as is his sister Pat. Unfortunately my Grandma had to sell the model trains after my Grandad died in 1982, but I also remember them with fondness from my childhood - the electric versions on the park these days just don't seem the same.

I will happily pass on your details to my dad if any of you would like him to get in touch.

Sorry its something sad ...........I got a call today from Neil Frodsham to tell me that , sadly Peter Withnell has passed away. Our thoughts are with his family . God Bless x
R.I.P. Peter.
Our thoughts and sympathy to his family.
R.I.P. Peter
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