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Involved in dog walking this week and paid a visit to Farrington park ,many years since I have been, very pleasantly surprised at the work that has been done both to the play area and the set out in general. Met Mike otter at the new 1914/18 war memorial think this feature has been very tastefully laid out and is a fitting tribute to the men of Farington who fought in the great war.
Having been away from the area since the mid-1960s, I'm not sure which is Farington Park. Is that the one on the west side of Stanifield Lane, where the two big reservoirs, which held water for Farington Mill are/were? My cousin and I fished for sticklebacks there when we were kids.

Farington Park, Stanifield Lane, Farington, Lancashire, PR25 4QR



Managing organisation:
South Ribble Borough Council
Further info

Located in Farington to the north of Leyland, Farington Park has been under the stewardship of the local authority since 1937. It provides a much appreciated green oasis in an urban area and is well used by local residents, it has a playground which will be expanded in early 2012 to provided a stimulating and exhilarating environment for children of all ages, a network of hard surface path will be installed shortly to allow access for all to the whole park The park has a mature landscape with many specimin trees and a pond run in conjuction with the local angling club.
Farington Park used to be my local play area as a child. There were just swings, a toilet block and the lodge at the far end. Rose st school used to play their home games ( football) on there and later Farington Villa. Recently a lot of work has been done to improve the park, and one noticable thing is the houses built on Farington Lodge's land that overlooks the play area.
Maybe went through a fence at the west side of the park and were nearer the Mill when we were fishing. We certainly started by going off Stanifield Lane through a gate into a park with Farington Lodge along the north side.

There were two reservoirs, side by side, maybe 150 yards north-south and 60 yards or so east-west. Nobody knew how deep. Our usual catch were sticklebacks, but rumour had it that there were a few sturgeon and pike in there too.

They were mill ponds Frank. I think you meant gudgeon not sturgeon, gudgeon about 3" long, sturgeon 10ft.
Maybe you're right about the fish, John, but whatever they were, they were about 8" long. By "mill ponds" do you mean the water recirculated through the mill processes as needed? If so, I sure hope they filtered the water! I don't remember the water having any post-process content when it was in the ponds.

The lodges have been dug up and the area turned into an attractive fishing "lake" now. The mill closed years ago of course. The lodge you fished in Frank must have been still in use by the mill, the first lodge at the top end of the park was full of rubbish and doubt there would have been any fish in it?
I used to play for Farington Villa under 14's in the early 1970's, I assume it was Farington Park we played on.
(07-Oct-2015, 05:59 PM)Peter Harris Wrote: [ -> ]I used to play for Farington Villa under 14's in the early 1970's, I assume it was Farington Park we played on.

Yes I remember them playing there.
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