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Calling Frank - Martin - 25-Jul-2015

I'm trying to get hold of Frank but he's not replying to his forum email. If anyone has contact details for him, let me know. You can private message me or email me through my profile.

RE: Calling Frank - anacortesdamp - 25-Jul-2015


Am I the one you're trying to contact? I think there's something amiss with the e-mail messaging system I tried a test e-mail to myself and it hasn't come through 30 minutes later. The member listing doesn't actually display an e-mail address.

I'll send you a PM with the information if you need to update it.

Frank Damp

RE: Calling Frank - anacortesdamp - 25-Jul-2015

Still no test e-mail after 90 minutes. PM coming with info.


RE: Calling Frank - admin - 25-Jul-2015

Thanks Frank

RE: Calling Frank - Martin - 02-Aug-2015

Hi Frank, did you get the email that I forwarded?

RE: Calling Frank - anacortesdamp - 03-Aug-2015

Look for a PM.


RE: Calling Frank - Martin - 04-Aug-2015

Got it, thanks

RE: Calling Frank - anacortesdamp - 25-Dec-2016

I stumbled on my "personal data" the other day and realised my e-mail address was way out of date. Now corrected.