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This site needs a Spring Cleaning, or is it me ?
[Image: link-lancsbanh.gif]
Have I been missing something or has there been a few changes made on the Leylandtown site ? Maybe the other new Leyland site has prompted some action ??
I visited the above Lancashire links site that I hadn't seen before. I clicked on to a few sites but on 7 out of 10 I got a 'Sorry this site is unavailable', or words to that effect. Anybody else tried it ? Maybe it's our PC that's kicking them into touch [?] [B)]
There are always little changes on this site David. The Lancashire Link list has been there for some while but some of the links on it are years old.
Martin ~
Thanks for that Martin. I was beginning to think even this laptop was acting up.
Thanks for the brilliant photos of the Rose Parade, David and all the best to you and your family.
[Big Grin]
Thanks Lynne, glad you enjoyed them and Merry Christmas to you and everone else on the page.
Those floats, as big as they are are a minor miracle when you realize that ALL the coloring is hand stuck on by volunteers just days before the parade. Everything must be coverd by fauna, be it petals, leaves, grasses, seeds etc. They really are a sight to see.

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