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old friends!!!
Paul Butterworth,Linda Willis, Colin Beardsworth
People I knew from The Gables Pub in mid 1970,s
Frank and his sister Olive(who was crasy about a guy who drove around in a dark red jaguar car,that I drove one time)they also had an elder brother,big guy,they all lived with their parents in a house off the high street
elleen who together with maria and I were the "3"
Cathy we knew from school
I wish now I had not got rid of all my diaries, cant rememeber all their names??
I also lived next door to a lad who was my best friend for a few years,in Kirkham CLose, his dad was a lorry driver, he was called John but forgive me cant remember his surname.....we got up to some silly things.
if anyone can help???
julie leigh
little blue 3 wheel car
I cant believe that no one remembers my little blue 3 wheel car..."Bond".... people would point at me and a lot would give me grief about being able to drive it without needing a driving license.

My friends, Paul, Frank, Ron, Maria, Cathy, hellen
there were people I saw every week somes every day
were are you all come on think back to 1970,s leyland, Gables,
2 mad girls, maria and julie, blue 3 wheel car!!!!!
would love to hear from you all

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