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Bullivant family
Hi my name is Martin Bullivant and my dad was John Bullivant-from Leyland.Born Dec 1934. I know very little about my family and I would be interested in even the smallest bits of information about Bullivants (or Norris family) in Leyland. My Grandfather was Charlie Bullivant-my gran was Sally.Married mid 1933, Anyone know anything?
The only Bullivants I know of lived in East St Farington when I was little (many moons ago LOL) sadly I can't remember anything else about them.
There was a Bullivant at Balshaws in the senior school in 1946 -he was a prefect when I arrived so must have been born about 1930.
Sadly we only called them by surnames so can't remember much.
The prefects were Olympian gods to us at that time.

Originally posted by audpluswesties

I was involved in the final home nursing care of Ernie Bullivant who then lived on St David's Rd in the early 80s. I think he belonged to Farington lodge - he was very popular among freemasons so it might be worth a masonic hall query.
Other than that, come in Frank Damp - I'm sure Ernie was a retired Leyland businessman and Frank's our expert in that particular field of memory!

Thank you for that-I will follow up-anyone else know anything?
In the fifties there were two Bullivants who played for Leyland Cricket team.. The elder of the two was actually captain of the first team. Think he was called Graham though I can't be sure, I used to be pally with his two sons whose names completely avoid me at the moment. he had a younger brother who opened bowling for the second team but he left in the late fifties to take a teaching appointment at Hornby or Hornby area. You've got my brain ticking now, I'll do a bit of research. I think the elder of his sons who I was pally with was called Roger. I knew them because my dad drove the coach to the away games and I usually went with them.
There is a business van flits about leyland and Chorley with Roger Bullivant on the side sadly I ca't remember what typ of firm it is .
Roger Bullivant is nationwide, some kind of engineering company, we had a depot close to us when we lived in Wiltshire.
I don't think it's the same one, there again you never know.
Sorry, Audrey. I have a vague recollection of the family name, but can't put any specific memories to it. There was a milliners just on the Regent side of our Towngate premises that may have something to do with the Bullivants, but I'm really grabbing for straws. I'll e-mail my sister to see if she knows anything.


Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Hey everyone, thank you so much for your comments-please keep scratching heads & thinking! Sally Norris was my gran and she married Charlie Bullivant in 1933. I know my Dad lived in Leyland because there is a story involving him sneaking off to the cinema-which was the Regent-I'm sure its not there now...!
A Mr. Bullivant taught us at Broadfield Junior School, he was very handsome and married another teacher, a Miss Miller.

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