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looking for people who when to black bull
looking for people who drank in black bull down mossside in Leyland use to go there with girlfreind when home girl friend was jan during the 1980 use to drink in there with Les and Silvia
I used to go in there in 1989 to play the 'New Technology' Space invaders game which always had a queue, it was like seeing the future Big Grin
I worked there for a short while in the early seventies.
I used to go in occasionaly in the early 70s, landord's name escapes me, stocky chap with black hair, which narrows it down to about 5 million people.
I just noticed my mistake, it wasn't 1989 it was 1979 when I was in there playing Space Invaders, I got it wrong by a decade!
Was the landlords name Stan?? I remember there was an older lady there (cant remember her name now)but sure her hubby was called Stan. Not though I am old enough to remember, just it's been my dad's local for 30 years.
My mum used to work in the Black Bull. It would have been in the lates 70's early 80's. The landlords name was Ron.

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