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Looking for Andy
Does anyone remember Andy Wildman? He drank in The Gables & Eagle and Child in the 70's. Would love to catch up with him if anyone knows his whereabouts.
I know Andy. I used to meet him in the Gables, George, Eagle etc before I emigrated in the 1980's. Don't know where he would be now though, although I'm sure that there would be several in the Gables who would.

Thanks Pete it's nice to know that someone knew him. He most likely is still in Leyland somewhere.
Hello dumpdaledreamer
I've E-mailed you re Andy.
I have mailed you - thank you
Just to let you know I have found him thank you. Only spoken briefly on the phone - He lives in Clayton Brook, is single and has been climbing in The Himalayas!!!! Alive and kicking then. Doesn't have a computer but if anyone would like me to pass on a message I will gladly do so.
Hi Jackie, I too knew Andy quite well and must have bumped into him last in Preston around '91. Will you say Hello from Caroline, (Frank's Ex and Mum of Dan and Ruth). The Himalaya expedition sounds quite typical!
Funny that - I was just chatting to Andy yesterday, outside Tesco. :-)
He mentioned that he's considering getting a computer, so you never know - he may turn up on here yet!
I remember Andy Wildman, though he's a bit older than me. Didn't he have a sister called Sally? They lived (with dad Dick and mum Peggy) in Canberra Road. Dick was in Leyland Rotary with my dad, and Peggy in the Inner Wheel (Rotary wives) with my mum.

I thought he'd moved away, but perhaps he came back. Interesting to hear he's single. Wonder if it's for the same reason I am.

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