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luvved the 60's
Spent a few great years in Leyland early to mid 60's.These r some of the people who made them great.Barb Flanagan,Anne Holden,Bev Hencher,Barb Beasley,Jim Tracey,John Bishop,Tommy Nixon,Alec Smith to name a few.Places The town hall dances,the coffee bar,The Tiger The Railway.Yup This transplanted colonial has some terric memories.Hope I left y'all with a few m'self
Bryan "Speed" Couldrey
Hi Speed...lets get the ball rolling with this topic! The Brazilian Coffee Bar was a great meeting place, it was certainly one of my haunts in the 60's with Ros Hill...happy days. Hope some of the others get in touch with you. I'll be thinking of you on the 28th, and we'll chat soon. Love, P.[Smile]
hello smithy and speed.we all met at the brazilian coffe bar next to corcorans paper shop and near bannisters grocers,the lads we went round with were,john bishop,tommy nixon,alec smith brian (noddy) iddon,BSA B31,brian johnson ariel 350,roy james,john worthintonAJS,harry moon (lost leg in accident on longton bye-pass,I had BSA250,remember putting record on dukebox running out ,starting bike,left at queens golden hill left into school lane.,left into hough lane,left at gasworks and back into coffee bar before record finished (three minutes)we also went to Eccleston Church hall on saturday night,highways hostel sunday afternoon, and tudor ballroom sunday night and croston bob hop monday night,and highways hostel wednesday night,memories are flooding back to me now lets keep it going Bernard
bernard mann
Hi Bernard
I know some of the names you mention ,Roy James is one but he passed away sometime ago ,Harry moon is still about I see him quite often,both of those mentioned used to be regulars at the "Buff Club"
Hello Bernard.
Alex Smith was my brother (sadly died 1999,) Tommy Nixon lived near us (Beech Road, off Northgate) - was his Dad a boxer - Battling Sykes? Also remember Harry Moon having his accident. My 3 brothers were all 'bikers'...I imagine the floorboards in the parlour where we used to live are still stained with oil from when the lads used to strip down their bikes. Did you ever go to BelleVue Speedway - I remember being taken a couple of times by my older brother...I can even recall Peter Craven being the 'ace' driver of the day. My brother Frank used to go dirt-track racing at Cuerden Park. Bet you went to TT races back then...we did. If you went to BelleVue, wasn't there an amusement park (I'm sure there was) with the Wall of Death. Re Naylors....I'm going to have to dig deeper into my brain, it may have been shortly after you worked there (what year did you leave)?
never went to belleview or the tt always wanted to go but didnt.
I left Naylors to go to Fishwicks in 1958,
bernard mann
Hi Bernard,
Sure my father-in-law was at Fishwicks when you were (Bill Rukin), he worked there for many years and would have retired in late 1960's. I remember Corcorans newsagents (did n't they also have a little ice=cream place down Newsome Street or Herbert Street - we used to go there with a big glass bowl to be filled with the delicious ice-cream as a special family treat). Also Bannisters grocers...can still remember the lovely smell of coffee when you walked in the shop! How about 2 other shops - the Maypole, and the little record shop - we wold listen to the Top 20 late Sunday night, then dash to the record shop next day to buy the latest single!

If you lived that end of town, you must know my wife's parents' shop - Nixon's Greengrocers.

Frank Damp
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Now theres more than a few names I remember Alec smith was my uncle,Tommy Nixon was his best mate,John Bishop and Jim Tracey were like brothers to me back then,Harry Moon,'Killer" Kelly, how about "Hot Pot" his dad had the barber shop.My first job there was at Brook Mills,surrounded by girls,xmas came early that year!!
Smitty by the way is my Auntie bout 2 yrs older than me but still a doll !

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