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luvved the 60's
was that the brazilian the coffee bar on Chapel Brow with the egg boxes on the ceiling, a great coffee bar spoilt by a certain
WACKO JACKO,eric, or even a family of them, all boys, Pete was ok.
dinky butchers sold stuff for Knitting and I think my mum bought bras there but also DINKY toys, even Hornby Railway things. Burt Thacker sold news papers, fireworks, penny bangers, to kids, and rude
magazines with pictures of ladies in their underware.
Hello spb, and welcome to the Forum.
Yes, it was the Brazilian Coffee Bar to which we were referring, a great meeting place back in the 60's. Incidentally, Wacko lived 4 doors down from me, there were 5 brothers.
It was usually late evening when we used to meet up there with friends after a night out, and I cant remember there ever being any problems at that hour.
Do you remember the fantastic mirror that the Maypole had next to the coffee bar, all the girls would check themselves out before going in for a coffee.
Just wondering, is the old Palace still standing?
yes its a bingo hall now or was last time I heard
I don't think it is a bingo hall now though.
The Palace ceased to be a bingo hall a few years ago...last time I was up that way, I think it was being used as offices. Also, there was a lot of new houses up there.
Yes there's a small estate built at the end of East Street now, didn't Leyland Paints used to have a unit there built behind the houses on Chapel Brow?
Yes, Noel, Leyland Paints did have a unit there, at what used to be Brook Mill. Dont know if you remember, but Brook Mill and a lot of its Leyland employees moved to East London in South Africa round about 1962 (my sister, her husband and his parents among them). I think the old Brook Mill was demolished to make way for the Mill Brook estate. There was also another wallpaper and paint business at the back of East Street (Lane's - owned by Peter and Joan Lane). How sad that all these thriving small businesses have now gone. Back then we had so much choice in Leyland - shoes, for instance, there must have been half a dozen good shoe shops. Remember Maurice Brooks (decorating supplies) and his wife Hilda, on Chapel Brow? Also, Len Tugwell's shop near the Methodist school - he sold model-making kits.

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