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Looking for George Jerstice
Plumdutch is looking for George Jerstice.
George was at the Methodist school in Turpin Green Lane 1945 - 1951
then at Wellfield until 1955 when he joined the Post Office.He then moved to London to join his Dad approx58/59 His family lived in Stanifield Lane Farington Leyland. Do you remember taking your friends to Southend in 1958? Please get in touch.
Hi plumdutch...I was at Leyland Methodist School 1945-1951 ...have a photograph of our class in 1951 (teacher Norman Greenwood). George's name vaguely familiar, but have a feeling he must have been a year younger than male class-mates were Jackie Lucas, Henry Robinson, Ranll Hughes amongst others, I'll have to get the photo out, but do any of those names ring a bell with you. Girls were such as Ann Lumsden, Pat Dawber, Irene Slater, Barbara Cookson, etc.
P.S. My name then was Pat Smith.
Hi Smithy, Very interesting. Do you recall a Maureen Patterson? We got married in 1960 and Maureen remembers all the names you quoted. Maureen ask's do you remember Valerie Halliwell?
Regards Plumdutch
Hi Plumdutch,
I certainly do remember Maureen Patterson...she must remember me. There was also a Maureen Pattinson. Tell Maureen there was a Marie Halliwell in our class. The picture I have could be those of us who passed the 11 plus and went on to Balshaws (only 19 of us on the photo) - give your M. these names: Pat Dawber,Irene Slater, Muriel Anderton, John Gill, Henry Robinson, Ian Turner, Jackie Lucas, Ranll Hughes, Ann Lumsden, Irene Peat, Joan Bartlett, Margaret Taylor, Pauline Maddocks, Maude Clayton, Maureen Pattinson, Marion Simpson, Barbara Cookson, and me (Pat Smith). I'm sure your M. was in our class - ask her if she ever went to Brinscall Baths with the school - it used to frighten me to death as there was a 'caretaker' (?) there with a wooden peg-leg, and he used to make us jump in the deep end. Does Maureen remember if George Jerstice was in our class, and check out the school photo (Forum 'Home' page, under photographs) - it shows Methodist School class 1950-51...think its Miss Parkinson's class, bit younger than us, so I think date of it should be 1948-49.
I must fathom out how to either post my school photo on Forum or how to send it by e-mail, sure Maureen would find it interesting. Regards to you both.
Hi Pat, I to went to Leyland Methodist school 1949 to 1955 then to Wellfield, my brother Jack (John) England might have been in your class he would have been there 1944 to 1950 he was a friend of your brother Alex i think they went fishing together, sadly Jack passed away in 2005 aged 66. I remember a few names on your list, Barbara Cookson,Ranll Hughes, and Muriel Anderton. Sorry Plumdutch I dont remember George Jerstice. and I lived in Clarence St, close to Stanifield lane. I would love to see the school photo you have Pat.
Best wishes Sandra[Smile]
Hi Sandie,
I remember your brother- think we used to call him Jackie at school. We were same age, so possibly in same class. Re school photo - haven't taught myself how to send pics by e-mail,etc, there a way we could exchange addresses (e-mail?) and I will gladly send you copy through the post. Lovely to hear that Jack and Alex went fishing together - Alex died in 1999 age 62.
King regards, Pat[Smile]
I remember starting school and being in Mrs Williams class (when she left Mrs Orrel took her class) at playtime I could not understand why i could`nt go and play with Jack in the boys playground I think i got him in trouble a few times with Mr Map who was his teacher at the time, one of the boys favorite games was running up a heap of coke untill the caretaker chased them off, you really have brought memories back Pat, Keep posting, Sandie.
Sandie, Mrs.(Neva) Orell died in 2004 age 88, a great teacher, and was a highly respected Councillor for 44 yrs. Great days at the Methodist school, playground had lots of nooks and crannies to hide in. Did you ever go to the brownies there?
Yes Pat I was in the Brownies 1953 still have the uniform must be worth a fortune (collectors item ! just kidding ) I have good memories of the methodist school nice teachers, what a pity it was pulled down I`m sure it had a good history but I think there was something wrong with the structure so maybe it was dangerous, the date was on the front of the school about 1850? [Smile]

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