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Yes it was Mr Ingram when I was there, he was always looking up at the ceiling. I left in 1980.
I asked on the forum some time ago if anyone could tell me when and why Balshaw's became a CofE high school, but no-one has.

My sister, Jean, airly said it always had been, but I'm sure she's wrong. It was a county grammar school run by Lancashire County Council - hence the county council coat of arms in alternate windows in the hall.

Besides, aren't the chair of governors at church schools always the vicar? As far as I remember (I was there 1961-8) the vicar wasn't even on the governing board, which was chaired by the staunchly Methodist Councill Ruby Kelley for what seemed like ever.
It was still a county school in 80/81 when Jeanette left as far as I'm aware, so must be a fairly recent thing and I wonder why?

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