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Today's birthdays
Jules Verne born 1828, is this an ongoing thing Martin where you insert the name of a person born on today's date??
Not just birthdays, but significant events have appeared up there too. I clocked Imbolc last weekend, Martin - nice touch! I rather like this new feature. [Big Grin]

(Imbolc - derived from "ewe's milk" - is another name for Candlemas or the festival of St Brigid and is a celebration of the first signs of spring. For our stone age predecessors ewe's milk would have been an important food source as the stocks they laid up at harvest time would have been getting very low by now. Seeing lambs appear in the fields still gladdens the heart!)
A little after-thought....
No significant event up there for today [Sad]
According to my little diary today is the birth date of Daniel Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician, born 1700. Naw, I'd never heard of him either! [:o)]
But wait, tomorrow is the feast day of St Scholastica! Weyhey! Does that mean we've all got to be good scholars for the day? [:o)]
I'll have to update the date list on the front page... thanks Noel
Martin ~

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