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Leyland lad movng back
Hello Leyland... perhaps one or two of you remember me then it'll be nice to chat... I tried once, 1 years ago to come back to Leyland but this time I am... an ex. soldier finds it hard to settle sometimes but I am now... just finishing off here in Berlin and then I'll be over... please have a look at my profile, there must be one or two old contacts here somewhere... cya

Russ Banks
Welcome back Russ, hope the transition goes well for you.
...thank you.. how is the job situation in Leyland these days?
Hi Russ
You are enquiring about the job situation here,you will find
that from a town full of industry we are now a town of supermarkets.The "Motors is a shadow of its former self,BTR,L&B Paint works Iddons all gone.But I suppose that is a sign of the times.I think there are two jewellers shops on Hough Lane.However wecome to the Forum And good luck in your venture.
Welcome back Russ xx

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