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Missing postings.
During the last 10 days or so, I`ve been receiving eMail notification of forum postings, yet when I visit the forum, no such posting exists. The following example is in todays mail box.
`Alan Marsden - Anyone feel like me` 21/02/2008 22.37.`

Any ideas please?
At a guess (As it happns with the mini clubs forum) the server has maybe crashed and just had to restore the forum to its last recorded point, usually missing out a few hours maybe a days worth of posts.

Although I could be wrong............. - All mini owners/enthusisasts welcome new & old
I don't think it's a crash because I've not been informed of any problems. Maybe the post was removed by the poster.
Martin ~
Perhaps Alan can clarify this? As I said earlier, it`s happened a few (4 or 5)times recently. It`s no big deal - I just wondered what may be causing it.
Jim, you say you've been 'receiving eMail notification of forum postings'- I don't know what you mean !

I have on a few occasions posted , then later thinking that perhaps no would be interested, or that the posting may 'upset someone', ( ie anything relating to offering opinions or advice on Uk matters seems to sometimes offend some people ) so, I have deleted !

Could that be it ?
Alan, If you subscribe to a thread, then any postings on that thread also comes to you as an email. The one I received this morning was as posted above in bold print. If you didn`t post to that thread yesterday - then I`ve no idea what happened.
That's strange Jim, I don't get any e mail telling me that others have posted !
Alan, Murphy`s law at work here. This is one of the few threads where `subscribe` isn`t an option.If you select another thread (one you take part in), you will see - just above the page number - the option to `Subscribe to this thread`. click on that and in future you will be notified by e-mail when someone posts to THAT thread. To reverse the process simply click on `Unsubscribe to this thread`. It`s a very handy utility if you don`t have time to trawl though every thread, every time.

As an example Alan, here is one that I received this morning in my mail box.

Hello Spitfire

Karen has replied to a topic on Leyland Forum that you requested notification to. Regarding the subject - 2008 Meet.

You can view the posting at
Jim, have you considered using a newsreader? Something like

It should keep you upto date with new posts without having to subscribe.
Martin ~
I just click on Active topics and read the ones that I have been following or a new one if it sounds interesting.

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